What is a Mini Maker Faire?

What is a Mini Maker Faire?

This film is a good place to start if you’re wondering what Maker Faire is all about.

Maker Faire started in the Bay Area of San Francisco in 2006. Since then, the concept has grown into an international movement, with community driven, independently organised Mini Maker Faires popping up across the globe.

These Mini Maker Faires celebrate local Maker culture, bringing together families and individuals to showcase all kinds of incredible projects. Artists, engineers, scientists and crafters are just some of the makers you might find at a Mini Maker Faire.

From conversations with makers to do-it-yourself demonstrations, hands-on activities to inspiring talks and workshops, a Mini Maker Faire is a stimulating and interactive experience not to be missed – so make sure you have the Manchester Mini Maker Faire marked in your calendar.

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