Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance and other formalities

So, the fun and exciting confirmations went out to Makers a while ago. This week, with only 2 weeks to go until the event (deep breaths) we’ve asked our Makers to provide their Public Liability Insurance certificates. 

We are well aware that a lot of people will not have PLI and we’re not asking people to go and buy it to participate in this one off event. If you do have it, we’d like to see a copy of the certificate. If you don’t have it, we really need a risk assessment from you as soon as possible.  

“But my exhibit isn’t dangerous!” 

We’re sure it isn’t, but all our Makers are required to write a risk assessment. Approach it as a plan of what you are going to do, imagining how an average* person might interact with your exhibit. This is especially important if what you described in your Maker Application is now different to what you plan on actually doing. In most cases, MOSI will be able to take you under our insurance so you won’t need your own Public Liability Insurance, but we do need your risk assessment in order to sort this out.

“Can’t we just sign a waiver?”

 All events at MOSI require contributors to show that they have PLI and/ or risk assessments. We can look into waivers for the future, but it is not going to be possible to prepare a suitable one in time for this event. We’ll be collecting feedback from Makers to help us evaluate this event, so you could use that as an opportunity to comment on this topic.

 Please contact us with your questions (or using the relevant addresses provided in the Maker Pack) and we will be happy to talk through the process with you. You can also take a look at the Google Group to see if a similar topic is being discussed.

 *yes, horrible term. Think “least extreme”.


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