Meet the Makers

Knitting and Knotting

A highly collaborative contribution to the Manchester Mini Maker Faire, this exhibit encompasses three projects. On display will be the knitted Rose Galaxy that was created by  the University of Manchester’s In Stitches group as part of 2011 Manchester Science Festival. There will be two other projects in progress that visitors are encouraged to help with!

Rose Galaxy intarsia knitting project (image  by  Creativity Unleashing Potential)

At the Manchester Mini Maker Faire people can knit or crochet a square that will become part of a yarnbombing project in the city centre of Manchester. Members from the In Stitches group and the Manchester WI’s Purls and Wisdom group will be at the MMMF knitting and crocheting. Join them on the comfy red seats! The squares can be any size, pattern, colour or indeed yarn. This is all up to the individual creating the square. This is part of a collaboration with Yarnbomb Consortium and Creativity Unleashing Potential.

Additionally, in a further collaboration with Budleia Arts, members of the groups are also making tassels using the colours from the waterways of Manchester. These will decorate Brewer Street Bridge in Manchester as part of the Canal Festival 2012 in Piccadilly Basin.

By having a go at tassel making, knitting or crochet at the MMMF you’ll also be part of other events in the city. 

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