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The Chandelier of Lost Earrings

Do you have a growing collection of lone earrings? Wondering what to do with them? We’re really glad to be hosting a project in progress called The Chandelier of Lost Earrings which will be exhibited at St Mary’s Hospital, in Manchester. Two artists, Sagar and Campbell created and look after the Glass Summer House at the hospital and the chandelier will become an installation there.

donated earrings hanging on gauze

They’re collecting earrings and the stories associated with them at the Manchester Mini Maker Faire, on 28 and 29th July. There’s a Twitter strand to this project too #chandelier so we’re looking forward to this taking off as well.

Even if you can’t visit, you can still be part of the project by tweeting @summerhouseart and sending earrings in the post to Sagar and Campbell as described on The Chandelier of Lost Earring’s facebook page.

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