Call for Volunteers!

Call for Volunteers!


Volunteers help make a Maker Faire! Without the fantastic teams of volunteers that power Maker Faire’s around the world they simply wouldn’t be the amazing event they are.

Manchester is no different and needs you! We have a range of roles that we’d like to fill, these include:


  • General volunteers  (this could be anything from helping setup and minding makers stands to helping visitors navigate around the faire )
  • Entrance volunteers 
    The first people visitors see [and receive a nice sticker off] when they arrive at Maker Faire. It can get rather busy so mustn’t mind a bit of hustle and bustle while keeping a big smile on your face :-)
  • Soldering Volunteer
    Soldering is a Maker Faire staple, every one who visits a Faire should leave having learnt how to solder [with a cool badge!] If you can solder please do think about helping us out.
  • Photo/video Volunteer
    With so much amazing going we need some help capturing all the memories. To register for this role we ask that you are happy to upload your work to one of our accounts and for us to use it for any Maker Faire related things [ideally release it under a CC license]). Of course we will always attribute you.
  • Maker Faire Crier - Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!
    Not sure what a [town] crier is, take a look at this video. We think this could be a fantastic way to let visitors know what’s happen throughout the day.

As you can see we’ve got a good range of roles to choose from. Volunteering at Maker Faire is not only a great experience but also offer a few perks too like a free a T-Shirt, free food, and the equivalent of a backstage pass (access to the faire outside of public hours) a wonderful chance to socialise and see exhibits up-close. 


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