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Volunteering Opportunities


Copy (2) of MSF13 259The Museum of Science & Industry is recruiting volunteers to support the Manchester Mini Maker Faire. We are looking for Event Orientation Volunteers and Event Programme Volunteers to help visitors and makers get the most out of this year’s Faire.

Orientation Volunteers will welcome visitors and encourage them to participate in the activities across the Museum site. Programme Volunteers will directly support the workshops and talks over the weekend

If you are enthusiastic and enjoy working with the public, are interested in Maker Culture or want to gain experience of programme facilitation and coordination at a National Museum, then this is an ideal opportunity.

To find out more and for details of how to apply, visit the Museum website.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 28th May.

What is a Mini Maker Faire?

What is a Mini Maker Faire?

This film is a good place to start if you’re wondering what Maker Faire is all about.

Maker Faire started in the Bay Area of San Francisco in 2006. Since then, the concept has grown into an international movement, with community driven, independently organised Mini Maker Faires popping up across the globe.

These Mini Maker Faires celebrate local Maker culture, bringing together families and individuals to showcase all kinds of incredible projects. Artists, engineers, scientists and crafters are just some of the makers you might find at a Mini Maker Faire.

From conversations with makers to do-it-yourself demonstrations, hands-on activities to inspiring talks and workshops, a Mini Maker Faire is a stimulating and interactive experience not to be missed – so make sure you have the Manchester Mini Maker Faire marked in your calendar.

Come on down…

Day 1 was awesome. Get down to MOSI for the last day of Manchester MiniMaker Faire today. Soldering, stitching, spud guns and loads, loads more. Great for families and adults.
Download the programme to see what’s on offer: 

maker faire

Fire dragon

Make a mini-dragon!

Would you like to make a baby fire dragon or a fire breathing little beast of your own design?

The Manchester Mini Maker Faire organising team have four vintage Bunsen burners looking for a new home.  Can you make them into a miniature tabletop fire breathing dragon (or similar) to bring to our maker faire? If so, contact for a discussion.  If we like your proposal, they’re yours!*






[*on condition that appropriate Health and Safety steps are taken and that the creation is shown at the Maker Faire on 10-11 August 2013.]

Maker OPEN HOUSE at MOSI this Saturday (18 May)

Maker Open House at MOSI this Saturday (18 May)

Come and say hello, have a cuppa and ask any questions you like.

Are you thinking about coming to the Manchester Maker Faire this August but still feel a bit unsure and need to talk to someone?

Or maybe you’ve got a good idea but want to see the spaces where it might work?

Whatever your question, the organisers of the Faire are here to help.

We’re having an “open house” session at MOSI on Saturday from 11am to 2pm.

Come and find us in the Revolution Manchester Gallery and we will do our best to answer your questions. :-D

We’ll be in this gallery wearing our badges at a table with a Maker Faire poster. Come and see us!

Let’s build a WikiHouse

Let’s build a WikiHouse 


Are you interested in getting your hands dirty,  making stuff and having fun? Of course you are!

 Then get in touch with us   to join the build project for a WikiHouse to be erected live on the web at Manchester Mini Maker Faire 2013.

We’re also looking for other good ideas to offer outdoors in the Museum yard: so if you’ve got a project that you want to turn into reality get in touch and we’ll see how we can help”

For more info about WikiHouse see


Making Makers Welcome


Making Makers More Welcome!

At Manchester Mini Maker Faire, we’re warm hearted folks and we’re always looking for ways to make our Makers even more welcome.  So this year, we will hold ‘open house’ a few weeks before the event so that Makers and volunteers can:

  • Walk the spaces where the event will be held to get familiar with them
  • Meet the organising team and make suggestions for improvements face to face
  • Share lunch or a coffee and get to know who else is coming to our great event!
    Mahendra and a mercury arc rectifier

    Fuelled by strong tea, MOSI volunteer Mahendra Chatha shows how it’s done with a Mercury Arc Rectifier.


So, it’s all over and everyone’s had a week to recover. People have started getting photos up and blogposts written so it’s really nice to be able to see those!

Mosaic from images on Flickr 

1. Internet Enabled Fishtank by Hayden Kibble at Manchester Maker Faire using Power Mac G5 case, 2. Mini Maker Faire – Friday, 3. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 4. Mini Maker Faire – Friday, 5. Mini Maker Faire – Saturday, 6. Mini Maker Faire – Saturday, 7. Mini Maker Faire – Saturday, 8. A collection of 3D printers from Richard Gain (Microcubology) and Chris (NopBotShop) at Manchester Maker Faire, 9. Mini Maker Faire – Sunday, 10. Mini Maker Faire – Sunday, 11. Tonoscope / Chladni plate at Manchester Maker Faire, 12. Manchester Mini Maker Faire Stand, 13. Badge, 14. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 15. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 16. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 17. Mini Maker Faire – Friday, 18. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 19. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 20. Tonoscope / Chladni plate at Manchester Maker Faire, 21. DoES stand, 22. Robot!, 23. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 24. Mini Maker Faire – Saturday, 25. lizzyastro maker faire 1, 26. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 27. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 28. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 29. Manchester Mini Maker Faire, 30. Mini Maker Faire – Saturday, 31. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 32. Mini Maker Faire – Saturday, 33. Mini Maker Faire – Saturday, 34. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012, 35. Mini Maker Faire – Sunday

You can download a list of all those wonderful people who came from Greater Manchester and Beyond (including Belguim!) to exhibit at the MMMF: Makers in mostly their own words  (this should have been available earlier sorry – can only blame mental block and wrestling with WP …)

The MMMF had a couple of write ups from BBC news online first this, then this which helped get the word out on the event.   For a quick review of the event, see this Storify story put together by @Defnetmedia.

Alex aka @CuddlemeViolet was All About The Beads up in the 1830 Warehouse and she recorded her view on the weekend here. This captures the essence of how different a Maker Faire  is from a ‘normal’ craft show. 

A couple of exhibitors made timelapse videos:

Showing the energy usage in the 1830 Warehouse Polargraph robots (YouTube)

Another one from Saddleworth Vintage - continual streams of people! 

 It was enormous fun and the smiles on everyone’s faces, visitors and makers alike were really fantastic to see. If you have any comments, photos or videos to share please do! Use the email address, @MakerFaireMCR or the Facebook page

Meet the Makers

3D Printing

3D printing is going to be well represented at the Manchester Mini Maker Faire. We’re looking forward to seeing 3D printers in action, as well as some of the ingenious objects that people have designed and made.

Mark Gilbert with the clock “Fable”

Visitors to the Faire will be able to learn more about this exciting tool and  even meet the designer of the Mendel90 printer. 

Meet the Makers

MOSI projects

Gary paints counters for a giant Connect Four inspired game

MOSI staff really got behind the Manchester Mini Maker Faire. Some of the Technical Services team created giant versions of games inspired by the much loved KerPlunk and Connect Four. We had a sneaky play on these the other day and we’re sure that the whole family will love challenging each other. 

Creative play in the Atelier space

In a little corner of the Textiles Gallery is what MOSI calls their Atelier space. Fantastic sensory experiences have been designed specially for under-5s, including those with special needs and disabilities. Hour long sessions are scheduled through the day at 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.00pm and 3.30pm. Spaces are limited.

You can also have a go at paper making, which is a session usually only offered to school groups visiting MOSI. Produce a piece of hand crafted paper using an old fashioned mould, deckle and press. This will be run as a drop-in workshop, so check the times when you arrive at the Museum. Remember that the paper has to dry out!