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Spotlight on: Workshops and Talks

Spotlight on: Workshops and Talks

Here at Manchester Mini Maker Faire we want to celebrate our local maker community and show people what making is all about. Our programme of workshops and talks is a great way for makers to share their skills and instil enthusiasm in others. It also helps create the exciting, hands-on experience that only a Mini Maker Faire can bring.


Showing people how to program, giving them the tools to solder a flashing badge, making model aeroplanes, crafting with a sewing machine and making spud guns from drainpipes are just some examples of workshops that have made our Faire a fantastic experience for visitors and makers alike.

We’ve also had inspiring talks from our makers – and now we want to hear from you! Can you share your passion for making, or your vision for the future? Perhaps you have turned your making from a hobby into a business? Or are you doing something that makes you stand out from the crowd? Then come and tell us all about it in our dedicated talk space – your story could be the spark for the next generation of makers.

If you would like to run a workshop or give a talk at Manchester Mini Maker Faire, please let us know by filling out the Call for Makers.

Spotlight on: Crafty Makers

Spotlight on: Crafty Makers

When you come to Manchester Mini Maker Faire you will find all sorts of different makers showcasing their creativity and ideas. It really is an inspiring place to be!

MMMFimg0001We want this year’s Faire to involve a variety of makers from technical, digital, crafty and beyond.

Craft-orientated makers at our previous Faires have included wooden pencil case making workshops from Red Squirrel Workshops, farriers making horse shoes, artistic creations from KatzElbows and sewing workshops by Scavenger Annie.

And who could forget the beautiful Chandelier of Lost Earrings, contributed to by visitors to Manchester Mini Maker Faire 2012 or MidConversation’s The Reader, which opened at the 2013 Faire?

If you are a crafty maker who’d like to share your work, run demonstrations or workshops, or involve visitors to the Faire in your project then we would love to hear from you – submit your application here, or get in touch.

Manchester Mini Maker Faire 2014


We’re back for 2014, our third faire! This year’s weekend long festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness will be Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 July, 2014.

Once again the Museum of Science & Industry will play host to all kinds of makers showing off their marvellous creations. From coders and programmers, crafters and stitchers, to artists and builders, there’s something for everyone at Manchester’s biggest show and tell.


Scavenger Annie’s workshop at last year’s Faire.

Scavenger Annie’s workshop at last year’s Faire.

We need lots of makers to make a Maker Faire!

Anyone who embraces the ‘do-it-yourself’ or ‘do-it-together’ spirit is welcome to apply. If you create, build, invent, design or hack then we want to hear from you! We welcome applications from individuals, groups, clubs, schools and businesses who want to share their skills and provide an engaging, hands-on experience for an appreciative audience.


Here are just some of the things we want to have at this year’s Manchester Mini Maker Faire:

3D Printing – Cycling Inventions – Young Makers – Interactive Workshops – Hands-on Activities –  Mechanics Projects – Textiles – Screen Printing – Robotics – Musical Instruments – Science Demos – Craft – Robotics – Software Projects – Toys – Games – Recycled Projects – Arts – Apps – Talks – Open Source – Traditional Craft – Programming – Unusual Machines – How to Fix Things – Arduino – Raspberry Pi – Conductive Materials – Alternative Energies – Black Smithing 

Head over to the Call for Makers page to find out more.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @MakerFaireMCR and like us on Facebook.

2013 – The year of 100 Maker Faires

Happy new year!

We’re well on the way planning this year’s Faire – dates soon to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled!
In the meantime checkout this post from the guys over at MAKE. We’re extremely proud of all the makers and visitors who help us be part of the fantastic growth of Maker Faires in 2013.

Maker Faire Celebrates 100 Faires

The rise in “Mini” Maker Faires — smaller scale, independently produced, local events — is where the story is. A total of 93 Mini Maker Faires graced the globe in 2013, compared to just 56 in 2012 (just glance at thered in the graph below). “Communities are getting involved in charting their own future and celebrating making in so many ways that make sense in their own unique regions,” said Sherry Huss, vice president of Maker Media and co-founder of Maker Faire.

Read more on  MAKE…


This weekend 2013

This weekend 2013

Maker Pack sent out

Maker Pack sent out

Makers, please check your e-mail,  we’ve sent out the Maker Pack, it should give you all the information you need for exhibiting at Manchester Mini Maker Faire.

Check out the Maker Resources page for updates. We’ll also post any other useful information or questions that come up. 

One last thing, please could you get your risk assessments to us by Friday 3rd August. Please send them to Julie,

Maker Warm-up 2013

Maker Warm-up!
Wednesday 17th July, 7-9pm at Hackspace Manchester

HacMan Logo

We’ve teamed up with Hackspace Manchester (HACMan) to hold a Maker Warm-up session. It’s next Wednesday evening (17th) which, like most Wednesday evenings, is HACMan’s open evening welcoming everyone.

A few of us organisers will be around so you can discuss your projects and ask any questions you may have. Why not bring something to hack/make/show-off and discover all the great facilities  HACMan have.

Location: Hackspace Manchester

Date: Wednesday 17th July 2013

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Directions here

2013 confirmations

Makers: check your mail!

Taken by Gareth Hacking

We’ve just sent out e-mails to everyone who’s applied to be a maker at Manchester Mini Maker Faire 2013.

We’ve also just sent confirmations to the volunteers who’ve applied up now, don’t worry if you haven’t applied yet, we’ll keep the form open a little longer.

Haven’t heard anything? Contact Us

You have until Friday to get your applications in!

You have until Friday to get your applications in!

Jordan CropperWe’re looking for makers of all kinds, from Artists and Crafters to Engineers and Roboteers.  

 No matter if you make, modify, fix or hack. Even just want to share your love for what you do, Maker Faire is the place for you!


Remember we also welcome any of you that want to sell what you make. Simply note it down when you apply.


1 week left call for makers

Just 1 week to get your applications in!

The Call for Makers closes in just 1 week time, get your applications in!

We’re looking for makers of all kinds, from Artists and Crafters to Engineers and Roboteers.  

No matter if you make, modify, fix or hack. Even just want to share your love for what you do, Maker Faire is the place for you!