2013 – The year of 100 Maker Faires

Happy new year!

We’re well on the way planning this year’s Faire – dates soon to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled!
In the meantime checkout this post from the guys over at MAKE. We’re extremely proud of all the makers and visitors who help us be part of the fantastic growth of Maker Faires in 2013.

Maker Faire Celebrates 100 Faires

The rise in “Mini” Maker Faires — smaller scale, independently produced, local events — is where the story is. A total of 93 Mini Maker Faires graced the globe in 2013, compared to just 56 in 2012 (just glance at thered in the graph below). “Communities are getting involved in charting their own future and celebrating making in so many ways that make sense in their own unique regions,” said Sherry Huss, vice president of Maker Media and co-founder of Maker Faire.

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